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Sterling Inn

Brief History

   Having originally been built in the 1890 as a home for Alonzo T. Dunning and his family, Mr. Dunning began to take summer boarders in the front rooms of his home. Around 1910, Mr. And Mrs. Elwood Dunning expanded their original home to accommodate more guests. This addition included the dining
room and the second floor guest rooms. In 1920, the Inn was expanded once again to add the 3rd floor guest rooms. It was at
this point that all rooms now had running water, and some even had private bathrooms. 

   The Inn was expanded yet again in the early 1950s with the addition of the Terrace Room, thus creating the Sterling Inn as it appears today. All of these additions were thoughtfully designed, and give the Inn its rambling “country”  appearance and feel. 


Architectural Significance

   The Sterling Inn is a remarkably intact example of an early Country Inn, and its architectural significance is largely due to the fact it has remained unaltered; original wood siding and large stone fireplaces are just some of the examples of this. Typically, resorts in the Poconos underwent major renovations and modernization during the Honeymoon Era in the 60s and 70s. Sterling Inn and all its contributing structures remain as they were originally built in their original configuration.  


EPPS Involvement

   EPPS is currently working to raise funds to help maintain and preserve the buildings from further deterioration. Funds will also be used to help restore portions of the Main Inn building. As such, we are actively seeking investors or buyers to help bring a new life to the Inn and property. 


How You Can Help

  • Donate– a simple tax-deductible donation, large or small, can go a long way.  

  • Volunteer – EPPS is currently looking for local volunteers with a variety of skill sets: security, landscapers, tour guides, and much more. If you
    are interested in helping, please send us an email at  We will find
    a way you can help based on your interests and
    skill set. 

  • Spread Awareness – Tell your friends, your family! Let them know that EPPS is currently working to Bring Back Sterling! Support from people like you will go a long way.

Donate Here

Any little bit helps us in our journey to restore historic homes

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