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Our Story

Starting in 2016, while in college for Historical Preservation, our Founder and President Tyler Schumacher created a petition to try and save a
local farmhouse from being demolished.

Though he always had a strong belief that it was important to repurpose old historic structures, it
was a local farmhouse located on Romig Road in
New Hanover Township that made him decide to actively fight to save these structures.

Unfortunately, the farmhouse he fought so hard to
save was ultimately demolished. He quickly learned
that his voice could make a difference, and that his
local community consisted of large numbers of individuals who believed in the same thing he did....
it was important to save and repurpose our old
historic structures. His belief is that, in this disposable world we live in, that it is important to preserve and
save our history for our future.

Tyler became actively involved in other organizations who shared his same belief, and met a wonderful group of people who believed the same as he did.

Soon he discovered a beautiful forgotten mansion known as Hood Mansion, in Limerick Township. Hood Mansion was a gorgeous mansion left abandoned and forgotten on a large plot of land. After researching and connecting with local historians, he realized how important it was to do everything in his power to save the mansion. From there, he gathered some amazing people to work with him, then in January 2019, Eastern Pennsylvania Preservation Society was officially formed.


Eastern Pennsylvania Preservation Society is a 501c nonprofit organization that advocates and raise funds for the preservation, restoration, and protection of the endangered historic structures of Eastern Pennsylvania; along with advocating for the structures future use.

Our Goals

  • To help preserve and restore endangered historic structures in our local community and areas in Eastern Pennsylvania

  • To educate our community on the history of our historic structures and preservation, by giving lectures and providing educational materials

  • To provide assistance to our community and local organizations by working shoulder to shoulder to accomplish preservation goals

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