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Brief History

   The Lower Pottsgrove Historical Society and Eastern Pennsylvania Preservation Society (EPPS), are teaming up to help save the historic Prutzman House, located on East High Street in Lower Pottsgrove Township.

   The Prutzman House is notable as not only the oldest home in Sanatoga Village (and possibly one of the first), but also for being a log cabin!

   Historic atlas maps show the house existing as early as 1834, however there are no images available prior to that date, so it could easily date much earlier than that.  That puts the home at almost 200 years old.

   Immediate funding is needed to acquire the property and complete urgent stabilization measures to ensure it survives another 200 years.

   We are seeking $220,000 to purchase the house, garage, and the 1.1 acres of open space around it.  Upon the completion of the purchase, the property will become an extension of the Lower Pottsgrove Historical Society’s property, and the open space will be preserved and maintained for generations to come. Additionally, this open space will allow the society to expand its annual Strawberry Festival operations, as well as host other, larger community events in the future.


Please join us by showing support, giving a donation, or simply spreading the word.

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